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Defining Parameters and Collections
By choosing the relevant navigation tab you can search within Editorial, Creative or All. The default setting is Search All.

If you choose to Search Editorial you can then search across all collections or search within a specific collection by choosing the collection name from the left hand navigation.
  • Choosing a collection will take you to the 'Home Page' for that collection.
  • Searches will be carried out ONLY within that collection.

If you choose to Search Creative you can then search across all creative collections or choose to search just Royal Free or Rights Managed by choosing the relevant link from the left hand navigation.

Simple Search
To begin enter the word, name, image number or phrase required into the search box. Any picture with that word within its caption or keywords or the image for that image number will be returned within the search results. The search is not case sensitive.

Results will be presented in order of relevance with most recent first.
(Eg. A search for Tony Blair will provide results listing those images containing the words Tony & Blair first in date order. These will be followed by images containing the word Tony in date order followed by Blair etc.)

Ways to Get more from the Simple Search
There are a number of ways to enter text that makes sure that the pictures returned in the search results are more specific for your needs. These include:

  • Using inverted commas 'word string'. Single or double quotation marks will search for a specific word string in the order it is typed. This is particularly useful when searching for peoples names. (Eg. search for 'Tony Blair' would only provide results of images where the word Tony and Blair are next to each other in the caption or keywords.
  • Using an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to search on words on which you are unsure of the correct spelling. (Eg. Olu Deniz (a resort in Turkey) search for Olu De*)

Refining Your Simple Search
Use the check box underneath the Search field to carry out a search within previously found results.

Use the 'Sort By' drop down menu to display your results by Relevance, Recent First or Oldest First.

More Search Options Link
The Advanced Search functionality behind the More Search Options Link is still being developed. Please contact us if you need further help with more advanced searches.

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